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Vocational Rehabilitation Services

AGS’ Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants work with all stakeholders to identify barriers that might be preventing a successful return to work or pre-injury/disability status. We identify accommodations/services that could eliminate and/or reduce the impact of barriers in an effort to help the individual transition quickly and safely back into the work environment and/or activities of daily living.
Our best practice model incorporates assessments and rehabilitation, which are provided by a team of dedicated professionals who share the AGS commitment for timely case resolutions.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Our Vocational Rehabilitation Services Include:

  • Vocational Assessment
  • Transferable Skills Analysis
  • Labour Market Survey
  • Psycho-Vocational Assessment
  • Neuro-Psycho Vocational Assessment
  • Psycho-Educational Assessment
  • RTW Plan Development & Implementation
  • Job Search Preparation Programs
  • Computer Skills Upgrading Programs
  • Job Coaching/ Support Services

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Vocational Assessment
Vocational Assessment: Assesses aptitudes, academic achievement and vocational interests. Also takes into consideration transferrable skills, education, work history.
Psycho-vocational Assessment
Assesses aptitudes, academic achievement, vocational interests, learning potential, personality characteristic, psychological adjustment, IQ and psychosocial skills.
Neuro-psycho-vocational Assessment
Addresses all aspects of the Pvoc and neuro-psychological testing sensitive to the effects of a brain injury or significant cognitive impairment.
Transferrable Skills Analysis
A full analysis to determine alternate occupations based on a person’s vocational history, education, training, experience, and any medical information noted.
Psycho-educational Assessment
Confirms the presence of a specific learning disability and assess the nature and severity of the LD, identify strategies/accommodations to assist the individual in both a training and work environment.
Labour Market Survey
Investigates employment opportunities and local trends for specific job options as identified in a Transferable skills Analysis or Vocational Evaluation.