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Clinical Services for Insurers, Employers, Law Firms

AGS‘ team of highly qualified and experienced clinicians help to achieve successful outcomes, whether the objective is return-to-work or a restoration of one’s activities of daily living. Our best practice model incorporates assessments and rehabilitation, which are provided by a team of certified professionals who share the AGS commitment for timely case resolutions. We always aim to benefit both the individual’s wellness and your business needs.

Workplace Ergonomics & Consulting Services

Ergonomic Assessments evaluate the workplace environment so as to prevent health issues, such as repetitive strain and postural related injuries. If left unattended, issues can fester and lead to prolonged absences and long-term disability.


Our health professionals and specialists are specifically trained, experienced and qualified to perform ergonomic assessments based on best practices. Following an objective assessment of specific job requirements, detailed assessment findings are reported, along with recommendations to prevent further issues.


Clinical Services For Insurers, Employers Law Firms

Our Clinical Services Include:

  • Functional Abilities Evaluations (1, 2, 3 day)
  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • Cognitive Assessments
  • Physical Demands Analysis
  • Cognitive Demands Analysis
  • Functional and Cognitive Job Coaching
  • Customized Ergonomic Workplace Presentations
  • OT/PT Assessments & Implementation
  • Attendant Care Needs Assessments
  • In-Home/ADL Assessments
  • Work Hardening Programs

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A comprehensive assessment utilizing standardized tests and activities to help identify an individual’s physical work tolerances, as well as to provide objective data regarding their abilities and limitations.
An assessment of the individual and their workstation in order to identify potential ergonomic risk factors and make recommendations to mitigate these risks, including assistive devices, modifications and/or accommodations as considered necessary.

Measures attention (visual, auditory, selective, sustained), language, visuospatial/constructional abilities, and memory (immediate, delayed) using standardized tests. This assessment is helpful in the return to work process by identifying skill and deficit areas and to target appropriate interventions to ensure success

Provides 1:1 onsite job coaching support services to assist the individual to acquire and sustain the skills and behaviours required to remain at work.
A systematic procedure to quantify and evaluate the physical, cognitive, and environmental demands of the essential and non-essential tasks of a job.

Provides an objective analysis of the cognitive, emotional and psychological demands of an individual’s essential job tasks.  A CDA is completed similarly to a Physical Demands Analysis however addresses the psychosocial, perceptual and cognitive demands on the job.